Comment gérer les notes de frais des collaborateurs de façon efficace ?


A business must take into account among expenses, expense reports. They seem essential . Indeed, for the smooth running of the business, employees must from time to time take money out of their own pocket which they hope to be reimbursed afterwards. The question then arises, how should these costs be managed in order for managers and employees to properly accomplish their mission?


The expense reports are considered as such from the moment the money would have been used for the interests of the company. Travel expenses, accommodation or following a business meal, all of this will be reimbursed by the company if these expenses have been incurred in its interest. Conventionally, to be reimbursed, employees must present receivable supporting documents such as invoices or receipts. In some cases, the company provides payment cards, bank cards that can be used by employees for their missions . Supporting documents must always be presented in order to avoid fraud. Expense accounts are therefore very difficult to manage.

In order to best manage this delicacy, technology can bring a lot. Spendesk, the benchmark application for expense report management, is now available for businesses. Thanks to this application, those responsible for administration and finance will have control over these expense reports.

Here are the top three benefits Spendesk brings to business:

First, while the internet revolution has already invaded the world, e-commerce sites are currently at their peak. With Spendesk, employees can now shop online. Payment methods such as a single-use Mastercard, the balance of which is controlled by the financial managers, are available. This is less travel and more varieties of products readily available at more affordable prices .


Secondly, for more security and for more precise control, it is now possible to assign MasterCard to employees. These collaborators can take them with them to the field. Once again, the manager has control over the balance and the ceilings. They will be able to allocate the amount deemed necessary for each missionary precisely to avoid waste.

Making life easier is the principle of a mobile application. Practicality is a significant advantage for Spendesk. Users have access to all payment histories and the balance . The application also allows users to be able to take photos and save their supporting documents in order to avoid any problem related to the loss. Spendesk is the essential application for the company and the employees because it can accompany them everywhere with the special physical card which is also available.

Spendesk is a real time and money saver for companies. Expense reports will no longer be a problem and managers and employees on mission will be satisfied with the practicality of the application.

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