Qu’est-ce que la stratégie Océan Bleu ?


Is your company an SME or is it part of a very large group? In both cases, this strategy is ideal for you. There is a new strategic approach called the Blue Ocean. It involves the whole company, its technical and commercial know-how, its business model and sometimes its culture .


According to recent findings, the Blue Ocean is a new strategy dedicated both to SMEs and also and above all to large groups. Apple and its success on the tablet market is a very close example, although this market was still in its infancy in 2010. The principle of the « Blue Ocean » strategy of W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne is very simple in any case in its expression if it is only in its application. Indeed it is to simply stop competing. This new strategy is based on an analysis of the best strategic successes of the last fifteen years and this is based on the search for new unexplored strategic spaces called « Blue Ocean ». Unlike the Red Ocean, Blue Ocean requires : management, marketing, technology, sales, partners … It is conditioned by a desire for innovation and value creation.


The Blue Ocean aims to broaden its field of action for the development of activities in new areas still unexplored or insufficiently explored. This objective is subordinated to a second other. Indeed, the secondary objective is to create value on emerging demands and needs. And neither the current competition nor the existing know-how can satisfy. This new strategy challenges companies to get out of the red oceans of competition, by creating a virgin strategic space. This strateg which makes competition null and void. Instead of sharing existing demand and following the example of competitors, the Blue Ocean strategy pushes us to expand demand and turn our backs on competitors. Companies must therefore question themselves using a series of analytical tools and conceptual devices which help to meet this challenge in a methodical way. The Blue Ocean also puts offside competitions. In addition, it creates differentiation and high prices. It conquers new demand and aligns all of a company’s activities with the pursuit of differentiation and the quest for lower costs. It brings a real increase in value for customers as it is not satisfied with incremental innovation but also to create a new development space for the

The Blue Ocean is an analogy to describe the immensity of unexplored potential, to adapt to economic trends but also to create these trends. For businesses, there are many opportunities for rapid and significant growth . The competition does not exist because the rules of the game do not exist and are to be written. In this Blue Ocean, the company will evolve without a competitive war because only to evolve there …

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